The Traveling Cat

Minhaz Fahme
3 min readFeb 15, 2022


I opened my eyes and a green pair of marble looked at me. They’re interesting. Everything that shines is, in our eyes. Nothing gets past our eyes. Hoomans call them beautiful, adorable. In our dictionary, there are no stupid words like that. Why bother confusing others with so many words. Look at us! We can mean a lot of things only using a single word (and of course, varying the volume, pitch, etc.).


So where the meow was I? Oh yes, about interesting things. Most of the things about us are interesting. (That’s partly the reason why we keep licking ourselves all the time, yeah. After all, if you like something, you should lick it!) Our green marbles are not so different. We can spy on everything with them. You wish you had a pair like us, don’t you? So that you could spy upon that family member, friend, or work colleague? Hmm, sounds exotic, eh? Being able to mimic the power/capability of cats truly is. We have been named “The Stalker” for our exceptional pair of green marbles, and padded paws. You wish you had those fine pads too, don’t you? What a pity.

The pity is not for the fact that you desperately look up to having our features. In our world, all of us are stalkers, and we stalk everything, every day. Even if we live in a single home for 5 years, we would still stalk the hell out of that house and the hoomans in it every single day with the same curiosity as day one. All of us are used to being stalked by other us as well. But you hoomans… well, you are amusing. You don’t love beings stalked yourself (unless it is us doing it, not your hooman friends), but you tend to stalk others all the time. Even when you can’t stalk someone, like your ex who has blocked you in all the social media that people fill with our pictures and videos, you see yourself stalking them in your dreams. This mixed feeling towards stalking is called “confused love”. What a rhythmic name, eh? You could probably make a song with it.

Don’t worry, you people name each other after us all the time. That’s like the minimum tribute you can offer, whereas the maximum is worshipping us (I’ve heard that you used to do that like a religion, centuries ago). Coming back to dreams, our dreams are usually confined within the boundaries of birdies and fishes, whereas your ones are varied to quite some extent, from getting killed to stalking your ex successfully.

We have been named ungrateful by your lot quite often too. We love to take a stroll in the Jurassic park you’ve made here. Yeah, it is dangerous, but both of us love to do adventure, eh? Sometimes we don’t come back to the previous place we used to stay. Do you think that’s unique? Perhaps you, the kings of Jurassic Parks never walk away from anything. Perhaps you never leave home to venture out for adventure, or an even better life. Maybe you never leave out your friends when they need you the most and vice versa. Perhaps you don’t walk out on other persons all of a sudden. You never leave your previous shelter in the hope of finding a different one.

But alas! Ya’ll do these all the time, day in and day out.

You call me the traveling cat while being the very master of travel yourselves. Confusing, eh? Most of the things around you are. That’s why we love to watch you too, most of the time.

It’s ameowsuing.



Minhaz Fahme

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